Thursday, July 7

What did I find?

On our way home from San Diego we passed a Casino/Outlet Mall.  Yes, they were one and the same.  As soon as we saw the sign Matt and I started to drool.  For Matt casino = good time and for me a casino is more about what the buffet offers.  And really we all know that I agreed to stop because of...ding ding ding, the outlet mall!

No we did not technically win anything at the casino, but we did wiggle two free buffets out of the deal by signing up for a players card (that we immediately threw away, take that blackjack)!  But we did win at the outlet malls!

If you are having a baby or have a baby you know all to well the magical baby clothes kingdom that is Carter's and Osh Gosh.  Hello, baby clothes, coupons, sales, and more sales...what is not to love?  We definitely picked up a bunch of stuff. I know that some of you are posher mom's than I am and wouldn't be caught dead in a an outlet, but baby is gonna be cute at a discount.

I also received a sweet package in the mail from our friends Katie and Matt B. and inside was one of my favorite things I have been given to date!  Isn't this the cutest onesie you ever did see?  I can't wait for him to wear it!  I realize that I am a complete loser that loves her dog to the point that I would dress my child in this onesie (and love it). 
Neil will be so proud to have Duece as a big brother! 
Duece approves of the onsie!


Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

OMG! That onesie is adorable!! Love it!

The scarf you got at your shower for Duece that said "big brother" was my favorite thing you got - by far! I told Adam when I got home we HAD to have one of those when we have a lil one.

Chelle said...

I knew I could count on you to understand and love it!

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

Too cute! I need to find Boxer/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel versions :P

Michelle said...

I am with you about outlet malls but especially Carter's! I love that place! And I will be the first to admit I get Elijah way too many clothes :) but it so fun! How can you resist all those cute clothes?

Katie said...

I'm glad you liked the onsie! I love the idea of a scarf that says I'm a big brother for Deuce. :)

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