Monday, May 16

Where have I been?

I know y'all have been playing a game of Where's Waldo with my blog.  I picture y'all sitting there on your couch in your pajamas constantly hitting the refresh button until you see that I have posted something new for you to read.  Oh haven't been doing that?  Well, darn.

Have I been busy?  No.  Have I been sick?  No.  Have I been lazy?  Of course, you can read my tag line can't you, I am a lay at home wife.  However, for now, I have decided to get off my lazy and ever expanding rump and blog.  I am not going to make excuses. PSYCH!  Of course I have an excuse.

I am pregnant.  Surprise!  Okay, not so much of a surprise anymore but this is my excuse.  I have been walking a fine line what to blog about, and so I just err on the side of not blogging at all.  It is obvious that Monkey-Loo has no defining purpose other than to update friends and family on the exciting, silly, and sometimes mundane things in the Langford house.  With twins on the way, things are bound to get A LOT crazier.  I don't want to become a blogger that only talks about being pregnant and what my Dr.'s appointments entail.  Trust me, you don't want all the boring details.    

So there, that is my excuse, and why I have been in a blogging funk.  But I just finished off the french onion dip, so I am in a great blogging mood.  And that brings me to my next point.
This is the world's greatest gift to me (as of this week).  I do not even feel a little guilty for eating it, because it was THAT good.  

So in summary:
Chelle is not dead, even though her blog seemed to be.
Chelle is pregnant and lazy, no surprise there.
Chelle is sorry.
Chelle loves french onion dip.


Morgan L said...

Use pregnancy as your excuse for everything. Trust me. It works. :)

Cari Walters said...

Your so adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love me some French Onion Dip! My favorite is Heluva Good french onion dip. If you haven't had it you should definitely try it! YUM

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