Thursday, May 19


I am telling you, you need to do more than bookmark this book.  You need to run to the nearest bookstore and buy it:
Wow, just wow!
I started this book in the bathtub last night, thinking, "well it will be good to read for a few minutes.".  I was so wrong, I couldn't NOT put it down.  Matt even started to feel ignored, but it was that good.  It was so honest and gave me chills numerous times.  As a Christian, someone who believes in the power of God and of the existense of Heaven, I was just blown away.

Faith is such an important part of life and this book to me re-affirms why I have faith.  I definitely think that God had a hand in putting this book in my life at this exact moment, I need to read this, I need to hear the story of Colton and his family.
It isn't a long read, coming in at only 154, but I promise you will not be able to stop.  

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