Wednesday, May 25

How to have a heart attack and excitement attack at the same time

Today I invested in our future.  
While vacuuming the nice little Hoover Matt's mom bought us when we got married finally quick sucking, literally.  Actually if I wanted to describe it properly, it started blowing dust and pet hair back in my face, and that isn't a quality you want in a vacuum.
After a blessing from my husband I bought:

That's right, a Dyson baby!  Like how I called it investing in our future?  Hey, I have to put a positive spin on it.  They were having a great sale on Dysons at Best Buy, lucky me!  I did kind of cringe when the cashier asked if I was interested in, the fact that it even qualifies is scary, and I got the base model.  
Even after vacuuming with it one time I am in love and know that it was the right choice.
Happy Wednesday everyone and I hope your vacuum sucks!


Jane said...

Ooo how wonderful! Jealous! Totally an investment in your future. :)

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

LOVE my Dyson. It's amazing to see what your old vacuum left behind!

Katie said...

I am in love with my Dyson! Best investment to date for me :)

Chelle said...

Thanks Ladies, I love it so far! Even though I did accidentally open the canister over my bedroom floor.

Cari Walters said...

I have been wanting a Dyson for so long!!! Can't wait to get one....Job!

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