Monday, May 23

Ramsey Canyon otherwise known as Chelle's Death Trap

Matt and I decided to go on a nice "easy" hike as it had been described to me by friends. was nice and easy the first 1/2 mile, until we started the slow climb to my death.  I was sure that at any moment Matt was gonna leave me in the dust as I had to stop at every bench to reassure my body that I was not trying to kill it.  Imagine a stair stepper on steroids that screams at you for trying to breath all while throwing poop in your face, that was this hike.

We did make it to the top, and it was nice and breezy.  Thank goodness going down wasn't going up.  Would I do it again? That is to be determined.  But here are some great pictures from our hike and proof that I actually did it and did not die.

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Jane said...

I did a hike just like that last month. Everyone described it as a short, nice, easy hike to a whale watching lookout. Umm, no! Not so nice and easy. 2 miles straight up hill. It was lovely, but I was not prepared for it! lol

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