Sunday, June 24

I can not tell a lie

Today I have struggled. It started off well enough but the afternoon wasn't kind to me.

-I cleaned up Neil's pee twice. Once in his pack n play and once one the front porch. I was trying to let him air out and he felt very to pee.

-I ate bad sushi. My mistake.

-I spent all afternoon in the bathroom. As far as I concerned Little Tokyo can go to h.e. double hockey sticks. To keep things real interesting I did it all with my hands behind my back a baby on my lap.

-I was attacked by squirrel that came out of a hole in the trash can. Not a good scenario for someone in the aforementioned situation. Lord help me!

-Lastly, I was approached at Walgreens in the parking lot to pick up someone's RX for them. It started with, "excuse me mam, I am not a druggie.". When I was hesitant to roll down my window they continued. "I ain't gonna attack you.". Umm, no thanks. And John Quinones, if that was being secretly recorded for your tv show...tough spit.

That's all I got folks.

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Sorry friend, hope you're feeling better or get to feeling better. I can only imagine that's tough with a little one.

Val @ It's Always Sunny in Somerville said...

Rough day! I wish I was there to help you out with Neil. You can always come for a little vacay up here. Bob can keep Neil and Claire (maybe we should enlist Adam's help) and the three of us girls can have a ladies day!

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