Tuesday, November 8

Spoiling our only child

I have become super aware lately that our first child, Duece, will no longer be our only child.  It has been just Duece, Matt, and I for the last 3 years.  I think that my furry baby is going to handle the transition fairly well...as long as we remember to feed him and still let him snuggle with us at night.   

Matt and I decided that we would take him the Bark Park on Sunday in an attempt to have a family day.  I have a love/hate relationship with dog parks.  I feel like they can be compared to the first day of 6th grade for dogs.  Everyone is excited about the first day of school.  They don't want mom and dad following them around anymore.  They get more privileges and can explore on their own.  They meet new friends and bark about all the dog park gossip.  Then...the bully shows up.  There is always a bully at the dog park. 

Listen up fur parents:  Contrary to your beliefs, it is possible for your sweet angelic pup to be a bully.  If you have a bully dog and you insist on bringing them to the dog park, at least watch them.  Because if your cracked out crazy dog jumps up on my baby, I can not be held responsible for what happens to you.

It was pretty uneventful and this particular park is huge.  It is almost like a fenced in forest, which I think Duece loves even more because that is his natural element.

He explored in the trees, marking every single one of them.  I have no idea where he keeps all the pee, because he can just keep going and going.

Matt wanted to document that I do my "dooty" (see what I did there) and pick up after Duece.  My other dog park pet peeve, ppl not pickup up their dogs business.

Look who we saw here!  No not Beauf, but Duece loved him just the same.  Fred and his brother Wayland were the 2nd and 3rd cutest bassets we had ever seen.

"Just meeting some new friends mom."

We totally got photo bombed while Duece and I were trying to take a picture.  

My tired boy on the way home from his exciting adventure!

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Shannon @ Why Not On A Tuesday said...

Whew - close call! I thought Beauf was being replaced there for a minute!

Glad yall got to spend some quality time with your first born before his whole world gets turned upside down in a few days (but for the better, of course).

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